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~Fat Nerd~
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Welcome to my site!

I used to have a site but it friged up so i made a new one....if ur my friend send me ur pics so i can put them on here please!!

On this site u will find ur pictures....if im ur friend! (LOL) and shit about just look around and do NOT take a shit...thank u and have a nice day! *muah*















Well i was watching Power shift and they asked a question..." what actor/singer was hospitalized for having a fever" and i knew it (Lindsay Lohan) so i called in and i got through...and then they asekd me the question and i got it right then they asked my info...and they would call me back...then they called me back and asked what my video requests are.....and then they said they would call me

back again....and when they call there like hey is denise like yeah hey...there like hey its MUCH!!!...then they called me back and said...ok were gonna put u on live with Matt if u win then u have to be real enthusiatic and stuff....etc...etc...then I went on and hes like hey denise? and it was all great and i won......and i talked to him live...and my name was like "Denise..


from Russell , Ont..... and like i got it right and i won....but about the videos....i had to request Keisha Chante cuz the ones i asked for were already played and blah blah blah.....but it WAS SO FUCKEN AMAZING!!!



Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

!I pledge allegiance to the underworld!