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~Fat Nerd~
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Shoutouts to My Friends

You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

If ur my friend and ur pic isnt in here that means i need a pic of u and u gotta send me u ...G-UNit!!! sucks!

Ur a funny chick and u always make me laugh....even if im mad at ur...and ur a great person to talk to i love u lots hunny!!
 Ur a funnny kid in this pic...oh yeah....toronto!!


This is my friend Kimmy...shes hot eh eh? I know u know! Love u sooooooooooooo much Kimmy! *kiss* muah!

I love u so much hunny...ur a fucken great friend..i can talk to u about fucken anything...well love ya hun...and im putting this pic in b.c jenny poo loves chris is the one in the *hungry bum* Doug ur dumb!




This is my sexiest friend Ryan..... he is the *shiznipples* lol....! Luv ya hunny! He made me put this picture looks real dumb but actually i got a secret for ya'll.....shhhh....(he skipped a grade, hes a year younger...born 1991) LOL...dont tell anyone i told u..hey ryan!!! great!

How do i even start talking about u....ur so fucken so....ur cool...and thats all that ya hun!!


ANTHONY!!! KNow hes sexy!! wow!! hot stuff.coming!!


Regan ur great fun...omg ur so dumb but ur so hunny ur my so funny.and u dont try to be...which is why i love u!!*kiss*muah!


See the guy that his hair is taking up most of the pic...thats Tyler or Fro-Boy...he doesnt like people who are racist to time ...good times...well i love u lots tyler!!



That would be my bestest friend(lol) Nick....he goes to casselam high (lil bastard) lol jk jk...anyways... he is so thats his tummy isnt it hot? Love ya ssooooooooooooooooo much nick! *kiss*muah!


This is my bestest buddy in the whole its Logan....logan is so sexy...dont ya think..he doesnt have a stomach like nick but his is pretty danm hot!~love u logan!


Thats David...hes pretty dumb...lo..jk hes not the greatest friend...but hes funny...just there for the laughs!!


This is sexy mandy....u cant see them...but her boobs are u mandy...she is the greatest...and she spent 28.00$ on ART!!! WOW u know!


this is my sexy friend Chloe... she is fucking! ur so cute! and her stupid bro but no one cares about!


This is Regan in pink...Richelle and then me! This is us getting ready for the awesomest dance eva!! St. Albert! I love u!*kiss*


This is my sexiest friend ever April or as i like to call her...apy!! I beat her up all the time...but just shows how much i care for u!! i love u, u sexy in my boozems!!



This is the v-ball team playing in the kingston tourny!!

!I pledge allegiance to the underworld!